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Our leaders

Total Abu Al Bukhoosh (Total ABK), a subsidiary of Total, has been operating since 1974 with the continuous support of ADNOC.

With an objective of developing UAE Nationals workforce in the oil and gas industry, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh joined hands with ADVETI – VEDC (Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute - Vocational Education Development Centre) to establish Total ABK Academy.

The Academy opened in September 2008 with a first intake of UAE Nationals. Each year, a new intake starts in September.

Managed by a multi-national team of oil and gas industry senior professionals.

Amer Al Shaikh Ali, CEO 


The Total Abu Al Bukhoosh-VEDC Academy was established in 2008 with an objective to develop young Emiratis for employment into the Oil & Gas industry as production operators and maintenance technicians.
We target 100% employment. So far all our 70 graduates have been successfully employed by Total ABK, ADMA-OPCO, ADOC or BUNDUQ.
We thank the Supreme petroleum Council, ADNOC, INPEX and ADVETI-VEDC management for their full support and continuous contribution to the success of our Academy.

Emmanuel Pradie, Senior Vice President Operations


The strategic decision of having the Total ABK-VEDC Academy under the Operations Department was driven by a strong desire that our senior professionals ensure that the graduates are fully developed and ready to play a critical role in TABK Field as well as any other partner companies. 

Juan Jose Losada, Vice President, Health, Safety and Environment


Total Abu Al Bukhoosh considers HSE excellence as a core value in conducting its day-to-day business. Our legacy is to embed this culture in the Academy apprentices by getting them engaged in HSE in order to ensure that we have skilled, well trained and competent graduates to operate our mature assets safely. 

Zakkeya Al Moosa, Vice President Human Resources


TABK believes in investing and empowering young nationals to become skilled and productive members of the society through the TABK Academy. In line with our strategy the Human Resources Department seeks all possible means to contribute to this success by providing the students with all necessary training and development to have a career in the oil and gas industry.

Laurent Stephane, Total ABK Academy Manager


Our two and half years apprenticeship program is designed based on proven training methods. Our instructors and mentors are all oil and gas professionals and our training focuses on hands-on skills development. This program enables our graduates to adapt easily to various offshore work environments.