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Innovation and Experience


Innovative course design, hands-on workshops delivered by industry experts and practicum experiences ensure that all apprentices are provided with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successfully integrated into a working oil and gas operations team.

Safety awareness, technical knowledge, proficient communication skills and positive behaviour are all developed in the apprentices to ensure successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Limiting the number of apprentices entering the program in order to keep the “instructor- to-apprentice” ratio optimized for accelerated learning assures that peak learning occurs. The experienced team of dedicated and multicultural instructors provide apprentices with an intensive and outcome specific training program that has a track record of success. With 25 years of industry experience in field operations, Total Group’s training approach is based on best practices and these best practices lead apprentices towards a successful future.

The on–the-job training components interlaced throughout the training sequence aims to give trainees relevant “hands-on” experience. The purpose of this to familiarise trainees with the work environment, expose them to the technology and equipment used in oil and gas operations, as well as provide them with contacts with field professionals. Specific training in an apprentice’s “field of specialization” broadens their training experience and provides an apprentice with insight into specializations within offshore field operations.

Each trainee has a designated mentor offshore who guides and helps him with his tasks and monitors his progress. Having worked with Total ABK for many years, the mentor imparts his skills and knowledge to his apprentices.