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01/14/2015 News

Intake 5 - Graduation Ceremony 2015

Total ABK–VEDC Academy aims to develop young UAE Nationals and prepare them to have career opportunities as technicians and operators in the oil and gas industry. They are provided with the skills, knowledge and confidence that will enable them to work successfully in the industry, especially on offshore operations.

On 14th January 2015, Total ABK–VEDC Academy celebrated its 5th Graduation Ceremony, held under the patronage of Mr. Mohamed Butti Al Qubaisi, Director E&P, ADNOC.

20 graduates were presented with their certificates following successful completion of the programme. The ceremony was attended by Total ABK’s stakeholders and partners (ADNOC, ADMA, INPEX, ADOC, BUNDUQ and ADVETI-VEDC), as well as the top management and staff of Total UAE, together with the friends and family of the graduates.

Total ABK-VEDC Academy is proud to say that all these graduates have already been allocated to major oil companies; 11 in ADMA-OPCO, 2 in ADOC, 3 in Bunduq and 4 in Total ABK.

The graduation ceremony speech was given by Mr. Amer Al Shaikh Ali, CEO Total Abu Al Bukhoosh. He congratulated all the Intake 5 graduates and applauded their dedication and hard work which he mentioned has really paid off. He was also proud to mention that 100% employment was assured to all the former graduates.

Congratulations again all the graduates as well as the Total ABK-VEDC Academy management, faculty and staff for the successful academic year.