Personal development

Small number of students: human sized structure with a “Family” spirit


One of the main strength of the Academy is its ability to develop a ‘one to one’ approach with each of the UAE apprentices. By limiting the number of apprentices entering the program, this allows the Academy to keep the “instructor- to-apprentice” ratio optimized for accelerated learning.




Programme including personal development and team building courses

The programme includes personal development and team building courses. The aim of these courses is to develop the apprentices with the required skills for offshore jobs, through leadership and team building activities. Such activities help the apprentices to be aware of the importance of team work, with a particular emphasis on developing mutual support within the apprentices. It also enables them to adapt themselves and to prepare for their future working environment.

Students supported by a well experienced team of professionals

Each trainee has a designated well experienced mentor offshore, who guides and helps apprentices with set tasks and also, monitors his progress. Using his experience, the mentor transfers his skills and knowledge to the apprentice. Each of our apprentices is also followed during all the duration of the programme by a dedicated counsellor who provides guidance in daily tasks, helps them with different issues (Academic, career or personal) and assists them in solving any problems that maybe encountered.