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Scope and sequences

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3, 4 and 5
Duration: 4 months full (440 hours) Duration: 6 months full (844 hours) Duration: 18 months rotational (3216 hours)
English: 20% English: 20% Rotation every 9 weeks: (3 weeks on-the-job training offshore + 3 weeks Academy + 3 weeks off = 6 months offshore + 6 months Academy + 6 months off)
General Knowledge - Maths/ Physics/Chemistry : 40% Oil and Gas world introduction: 15% Offshore on the job training: 75 %
Workshop: 30% Production and Maintenance basis: 40 % Production specialisation: 14%
Safety / Environment: 5% Safety / Health: 10 % English: 11%
Personal Development: 5 % Personal Development: 15% (Each apprentice has one designated mentor. The role of the apprentice master is to transfer the skills and knowledge gained after many years of working with Total ABK to young UAE nationals as contributor to the apprentice training scheme)
Classroom and workshop training Offshore on the job training Classroom and workshop training
Training at Total ABK Academy, Apprentices fully accommodated at the Academy On the job training at Total Offshore facilities Apprentices accommodated at the Academy and offshore facilities