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Total ABK has established through its academy, a real expertise in training, a training that provides professional career choices for dedicated UAE nationals. A multi- national team of senior professionals with technical expertise and worldwide experience in the oil and gas industry is led by the Academy Manager who has more than 20 years of experience in oil and gas technical training in different regions of the world. Using Total Group expertise, combined with proven training methods ensures a quick integration of graduating technicians and operators into entry level positions in the oil, gas and energy industry.

The 28 month program provides in-depth preparation for oil and gas working conditions. During an initial 10 month term at the Academy, the apprentices receive the basic skills in safety and production, as well as all the communication and personal development skills required for starting their on-the-job training program. During the following 18 months, they continue their training through offshore terms that are monitored by operations mentors and masters. These offshore experiences are crucial to an apprentice’s success and they lead to relevant reinforcement of
their technical skills learned at the Academy.

The Total ABK - VEDC Academy has demonstrated its capability to prepare young UAE nationals for a successful start in their career.